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Episode 01 The Flatwoods Monster 8th of September 2012

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Highly controversial and topical programme based on real events with real people and real news brought to you by The Wrecking Crew. Join hosts Sacha Christie and Guy Weddle this Saturday for the first ever live broadcast of their new show 'Citizen Sane'

This weeks guest will be Alfred Lemberg and Frank C. Feschino, Jr.

Frank C. Feschino, Jr.

Frank C. Feschino, Jr.
Frank C. Feschino, Jr. grew up in Connecticut, and is a graduate of the prestigious Paier College of Art in Hamden, where he studied illustration, commercial art and photography. For four-years, Frank trained under several world-famous artists including Kenneth Davies, Rudolph Zallinger and John Massi-mino. As evidenced all over net, he became an exceptional painter, illustrator and photographer... and earned his Fine Arts diploma in 1981. Feschino then moved to Florida subsequently and studied film and video production at Phillips College in Daytona Beach. There, he was trained by big-film-Hollywood camera operator Rich Davis among significant others, and graduated with an Associates Degree in those relevant skills. It's here Frank learns to tell the story, competently! A serious student all this time, Feschino is honing additional communication abilities and enhancing what would prove to be productive set of literary and interviewing skills he could use later on. Bringing us up to the present... in the early 1990s, Feschino became interested in UFOs when he visited a relative's farm in Braxton County, West Virginia. It seems bizarre crop circles had appeared recently in those Braxton county fields, overnight... and UFOs had always been sighted over the area... As it happened, about this time Feschino also had a school requirement to produce an informational film documentary. Cue the freakin' music eh? ... Serendipity was about to strike! See. upon hearing of the infamous "Flatwoods Monster," Feschino decided the 1952 incident was just the topic needed for the aforementioned school assignment... ...It would come to pass, though, that the puzzling case would entirely capture his attention and imagination. He would evolve to become the sole subject matter expert and the undisputed authority on the whole astonishing Flatwoods affair.
While doing his research for this project and connecting the dots of adjacent events as he went along, Feschino also discovered the incredibly rich, if entirely obscured history of the military's involvement with UFOs during the 1950s. His investigation focused on the flying saucer flap, you see, that occurred during the summer of 1952, which included NOW... the Air Force's STANDING flying saucer "shoot them down" orders AND culminating in the whole of the Flatwoods affair. As a result of all of these researches, the ground-breaking book titled, "Shoot Them Down - The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952," was produced. And this startling volume was so data rich it even enticed Nuclear physicist, leading UFO expert and author Stanton T. Friedman to write BOTH the foreword and epilog for the book. The rest IS history. In West Virginia, Feschino has appeared on television talk shows, numerous TV news broadcasts, nationwide radio talk shows, and countless newspapers, as well as several paranormal magazines in the United States, including the first-ever "Flatwoods Monster" cover story in UFO Magazine for November 2007. Well done UFO magazine. A UFO Hunter of the First wash... Author/Illustrator Frank C. Feschino, Jr. has been investigating the footprints and spoor of the UFO phenomenon for almost 20-years and continues to do so.

Alfred Lemberg

Alfred Lemberg
Alfred Lemberg Retired Military Aviator and Failed Public School Teacher, but a person attentive to UFOs and their ancillaries because inattention seems unintelligent, unprogressive, and unbrave."  Human beings occur -- are not actually born. They would just… rather be born. Meanwhile, my ambidextrous, educated, and saintly grandfather encouraged my left handedness. I was born, if you'd rather, on 15 December 1948 in Danbury, Connecticut... bereft of a zip code. Abruptly, young roots were potted and a restless dash was made across trackless chunks of territory outlined in Monroe's doctrine. Venezuela, Canada, both United States coasts and Texas ( I'm more a Texan than George Bush ) were early homes. Formative years seethed with the movements and the passions of those turbulent sixties on a chaotic west coast. I questioned, as many did, the price of ceremony's horn of plenty, and I crossed my arms at the guile implied by custom's laurel tree. ...The innocence of those sixties, then, was perverted at last by human beings, as is our *grand* Christian tradition. The Woodstock movement failed, or it failed me . . . perhaps I even failed it, but I foolishly did what all young romantics foolishly do in the face of a foolishly perceived betrayal; I joined the *Legion*, and went off to fight in a foreign war. Enlisting and qualifying for Army flight training at the height of the failing Viet Nam debacle, I flew a thousand hours in combat, and with serendipity discovered a natural enjoyment for teaching the understanding of foundational principles. Later on I picked up the hard jobs, the ones no one else wanted -- finding satisfactions in them. Race/human relations, Cadet Officer Training, and counseling were major occupations. On many levels Human relations have been the focus of my twenty-three year military career. Lastly, I refused my last promotion to settle where I'd washed up after decades of tedious world travel. I've earned a teaching credential -- will attempt a necessary, unquestionably honorable and useful occupation. My long term goal is a continuing exploration of Mind, Matter, and Movement in word, paint, and music. My artwork is a reflection of the preceding years as seen through an "AlienView." My art is honest, and it asks difficult questions. It wants to know what a woman is, as men are figured out. It is obliquely religious, across the grain, and challenging to the convenient institutions of the framers. It is detailed and frank. It is for me what I want art to be -- as close to the truth as morality should allow. To the future is a fundamental wish to be of intelligent use to my community -- a producer -- and one with only the ax of efficacy to grind.

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